What is this?

When I was back in college doing the course my best mate would always google search the objective, half the time some work would come up which really helped with the task and hand and gave some inspiration on what to write about. Now that I have finished college and got my certificates I still have hours and hours of work on this flash drive that I don't want to go to waste. Putting my work on here will help some people and get others reported for copying, I will also gain from doing this through ad revenue ☺

All assignments have been renamed by their units (eg 'u01.1.html'), they probably won't match up with what your college is doing but I don't give a fuck.

Also a lot of the work will have weird formatting, broken images and generally look shit, this is because I'm using an online 'Word to html' tool. I'm hoping you won't see this pages and google will take you directly to the good shit.

Personal Development Plan
Interpersonal Skills
Computer Hardware and Software
Recommend a computer system for given purpose
Stuff you do in person
Information Use
Issues relating to Information Use
Information Systems
Limmitations of programming methods
IT systems SDLC
Systems analysis and lifecycles
Structured Analysis
Design for specific requirement
Procedural Application
Relational Databases
Database Design
Import and export data