P4 -

Demonstrate a range of effective interpersonal skills (TWI)

P5 - Use IT to aid communications

P6 - Communicate technical information to a specified audience

M2 - Review draft documents to produce final versions.
D1 - Evaluate interpersonal and written communication techniques

Dear Mrs teacher

I am currently working as a Junior Career advisor in your company and looking to take it a step further and I would like a promotion to a senior careers advisor. I believe I should be promoted as I have been working here a long time and believe I have learned the skills neccecary in the job and am performing at a high level. I believe that my IT and communication skills really help to recommend the best careers for clients.

Yours Truly PussySlayer69xx420xx


Interpersonal and written communications techniques

In my videos I have used a range of interpersonal skills, in the ‘different coding types’ video I suit the needs of auditory learners as I am only speaking. The video could be made better if I made it to suit all learning types and gave people handouts so they could see what I was talking about. It would have also been better if I had more knowledge of the topic as I would have more confidence and less hesitation/pausing, it would also mean that I wouldn’t have to look at the sheet of paper so much and could look at the camera to try and connect with the viewer. Another way I could have improved is by repeated key features and explaining things in two ways so that if they don’t understand the first explanation then they might understand the second.

The presentation on blogs was better all round than the talking about the topic of ‘different coding types’ video. I feel my interpersonal skills were strong here and I chose the best way to commuicate. However it would have been better If I had given a handout as it may have helped those who who felt I was going a bit quick or may have had trouble understanding me. I included images in the powerpoint and tried to point at some of the things I talked about so that I appealed to visual learners. To improve I could have asked if there were any questions or maybe asked if anyone wanted a go at creating a blog to show how simple it is, this would appeal to kinaesthetic learners.

In the ‘review’ video I used verbal communication when agreeing with a point, listening to what dan had to say about my presentation and manners when thanking him for when he gave compliments. I also used questioning however it is on the other part of the video, I think my verbal communication could be improved by talking slower and more clearly.

In my cover letter for the job application to become a senior careers advisor I used my written communication skills to suit the situation. I addressed my employer correctly, didn't use the same choice of words as I’d use with friends and family, checked for spelling and grammar mistakes as well as ending properly.

In the ‘Proof Reading’ document and ‘Spell Checker’ PowerPoint I demonstrated my ability to proof read and make appropriate changes.


Web Based Communication – Blogs

Blogs are a great way of people keeping you up to date with your business.

A blog is a web log or anything you want, when doing a blog for a business it should be about your business and changes.

A blog is a website or web page that is updated frequently which has a conversational or informal style. They are usually run by a small collection or an individual, they can be written on behalf of someone else or a company.

They can log (record) events in a personal style telling you any changes that are happening in that person’s life or in the company.

Blogs are often only one webpage that is updated frequently, unlike a normal website that has a homepage, many menus and subpages. The main focus of blogs is often the text content rather than interactive features.


There are many different sites which create templates or actual blogs you can use or you could create one yourself like any other website.

Some example blog sites are; blogger, WordPress and Blog.com.

You go onto a blog creating website and follow the basic instruction which are usually; create an account, click new and then enter a title and address and follow a template.

Once you have finished filling in the template then your blog is updated in html (hyper-text markup language (code)). This is what makes the webpage, when websites are created this is usually typed by a programmer however the template creates it for you and even hosts (holds) the webpage for you and makes it accessible to the whole world wide web.

Official google blog; they post search trends and other related posts to the business.

Why pick blogs over other web based communication?

· Blogs can reach an unlimitited number of people and allow full customisation whereas a microblog only allows you to change the amount of text and add a short link.

· They can be picked up with an RSS feed and delivered to the people who want to see it.


I used the built in proofing tool that checks for spelling and grammatical errors.

Here the proofing tool recognised that I needed a capital letter for the start of a title.

Here the proofing tool says everything is fine however it hasn’t picked up the missing ‘a’ in the first point. This is a limitation, this proofing tool won’t always pick everything up, it instead changed Blogs to Blog’s so that it would make sense if Blog’s was something else.

The thesaurus finds synonyms and antonyms. To find a synonym right mouse click on a word and select ‘Synonyms’ then choose a word. This can be used to find a better, more interesting choice of words.

The word count can be seen at the bottom of the page this can be used if you have to meet a certain amount of words or don’t want to exceed a limit. If this document were a handout to accompany a short presentation then I wouldn’t want this to have over 700 words.