P4 - Carry out a structured analysis of a specified business process.

P5 - Produce a requirements specification for a business process.
M2 - Suggest alternative solutions

D1 - analyse costs and benefits.


Why do you want a new system?/ What are some problems with the current system?

Problems with the original system; Jane has bad handwriting on the order sheet and sometimes makes mistakes, the order sheet then gets full with mistakes and it can be hard to read.

The delivery driver isn’t that good at math and sometimes adds up the order total incorrectly.

Why do you want a new system?

A new system will save time and Mia won’t need to recruit extra staff.

What is your budget?

Mia has a £5000 budget and would like the job done for the 13th of June.

What software do you currently have?

She has two PC’s running windows 7, she would like the new system to print out an order sheet.

Do you want to be able to edit the system?

She wants the sandwich menu integrated with the ability to change it.

Where do you see your business in 10 years?

She would like to expand her business in the future and would like to have more stores across Gloucestershire.


This document is a printed menu, it shows the available food which can be bought. It shows the price and product. The menu has Mia’s sandwich shop logo in the top left. The menu also has a storyboard of wanting a sandwich and ordering on the phone. The menu doesn’t seem to be in an alphabetical order, sorted by price or item code. Every time the menu changes a new one has to be printed off. The document would be used by customers visiting the shop and used as a reference for pricing and product codes by Mia’s staff.

This is the order sheet which is used for orders which need to be delivered. The sheet is filled in by hand one of Mia’s workers (Jane). The document contains a table which should have the following filled in; date, who took the order, company name delivered to, company address, company postcode, item product code, product description, item cost, quantity ordered and total cost of the sandwiches. The company name, address and postcode are repeated each time a different sandwich is ordered, this is inefficient and wastes a lot of time. This order sheet is used to record the orders as they come in on the phone, it is then used to create a delivery note afterwards which is given to the driver.

This document is a delivery note; it contains the date, company name to delivery to, the address and the sandwiches with the quantities and prices. The note is used so the driver has a simple sheet to look at so he knows where and what to deliver as well as how much to charge the customer.


Statement of Work

This project will determine whether Mia needs a new system or not and analyse her options for upgrading system. I will investigate and analyse Mia’s business to understand her current information system. Once I understand the information system I can evaluate whether it is a good system which fulfils her needs or whether she needs another one. I then aim to provide her with a plan for a suitable system which would be more efficient than her current system which would solve any problems she has with her current system.

Later in the project I then aim to create software for the new proposed system that Mia has agreed to. I will then implement / install the system into her business and that will be the project completed providing it all works correctly.

Mia’s sandwich shop currently use a paper based system. The orders come in on the phone and then everything else is pretty much done on paper. Mia creates her menu herself with her sandwich makers and prints them off on a menu and gives them a price and a product code. When she wants to change her menu she has to edit it on her computer and print of another sheet. Customers order sandwiches on the phone and the order clerk takes the order and writes them on the order sheet. The sandwich maker then makes the sandwiches based on what’s on the order sheet. The sandwich maker then writes up the delivery note and gives it with the sandwiches to the delivery driver. The delivery driver takes payment when he delivers the sandwiches and returns it to Mia’s shop.

The new system will be electronic and have some automated features which will reduce the workload of Mia’s staff. The new system will record orders electronically, they will be entered onto the system by the order clerk and a sandwich/order list will available to the kitchen staff (on Mia’s other PC) so they know what sandwiches to make. The system will also print off a delivery note for the driver which will contain the customer’s name, address, items ordered and total cost. The system have an option to save a customer’s details into the system, this will be useful as they have regular customers and it would save the staff who take calls having to type out the same details again and again.

This is required in the system so that the order clerk can input the orders and customer information.

This is required so that the customer’s details can be saved, the menu can be saved and everything else inputted. The system will also need to store some of its outputs so they can be used a later date. For example reports generated would need to be stored.

The system should also have a function to follow scheduled backups of the data stored on the system. This is required in case the original data is lost that Mia’s business should be able to run smoothly.

The system needs to be able to output reports to tell the staff what they need to do. For example the delivery note is outputted so the driver knows where he should go and what sandwiches he should take with him.

The system figures around sales such as total sales and quantity sold, these can then be used by Mia to make running the business easier. Reports on popular sandwiches will help with ordering supplies and recording total sales will mean that she won’t have to record and add up all the sales herself, the profit can be calculated and be used to budget her business.

The driver will still rely on paper based systems as he will have a delivery note as paper.

The system does not require high performance hardware as it is a small system for a fairly small business. Mia already has a desktop PC with windows 7 running and a licenced copy of Microsoft office. The system will work with Microsoft access and store data in databases. Other software used may be ‘Microsoft excel’ to edit the menu or a program may be created which will enable Mia to edit entries to the database. I expect Mia’s PC will be powerful enough to run the system, if not then another desktop will need to be bought with higher specs.

The software that I create will be delivered to Mia, it will be written in c# and will run with a graphical user interface on Mia’s windows 7 systems.

A constraint on the project is the date which the system is due in for. The date in which the project should be complete with the software created and the system fully functional. The deadline is the 13th June which will be difficult for me to achieve as I am busy with other projects however I am confident I will be able to complete the job.

I need to consider the restrictions on what is doable when creating the software as it could take a long time to create the perfect system which would lead to the project going over budget. Instead less time will be put into creating unique software and more time put into integrating with access so an efficient system can be created.

An alternate solution to the problem is that they switch to using computers for typing and keeping everything else the same, this will remove some problems such as reading handwriting but won’t solve all issues.

Another proposal is that we try and implement a different type of operations information system, maybe a system which would also use computers but may have different software running on the computers and would also have a tablet or an advanced sat-nav for the delivery driver. Rather than creating the code myself I could use external software already created and link it with other software to create the whole system, this could be using some software on the tablet to send and receive information to the server/main computer and then use other software on the server to transfer the information into the main database and separate reports. Apart from this it would be the same as the main proposed system.