P6 - Produce a design for a specified system requirement.

M3 - Explain any constraints on the system design.
D2 - Generate comprehensive design documentation independently.
P2 Unit 18 - Design a relational database for a specified user need.


The budget is one constraint on the design, it could have been done better with more advanced software and if more people were paid to collaborate on the design then it could have more peoples perspectives put into it and more creativity.

A constraint on the project is the date which the system is due in for. The date in which the project should be complete with the software created and the system fully functional. The deadline is the 13th June which is difficult to meet while busy and under pressure. Designs are best done by experienced people with lots of planning and revising prototypes.

I need to consider the restrictions on what is doable when creating the software as it could take a long time to create the perfect system which would lead to the project going over budget. Instead less time will be put into creating unique software and more time put into integrating with access so an efficient system can be created.